Thinking Inside the Box

Poetry is not my thing. But there are times when something strikes me funny, and an impromptu verse pours out of me as if it had dislodged from the cobwebs in the corner of my mind.

So today I was jabbering with a friend who complained about business cliches that incited him to frenzy--phrases like "touch base" and "take this discussion offline". But then he mentioned "thinking outside of the box" and suddenly I started spewing.


I climb into a box before I start to think.
And imagine the world beyond my horizons.
From my box, I sail the ocean
Climbing waves
And fighting pirates on the high sea
From my box, I climb Mount Everest
Or dive from the sky like an eagle
And when I am done with my thoughts
I crawl out of my box
And make my dreams come true.


  1. I like it Rita. I climbed my own little Mount Everest in my short story earlier this year.

    To me, my own little box would be my writing chair, and all the many places my brain wanders while I sit there.

    Nice. You poet you.

  2. I thought of you with the Mount Everest line.

    Anybody interested, you can read her story Everest After on scribd.

  3. I like this Rita. I'm not one given to poetry either, but now and then I vomit up something. But it's never quite as nice as what you have here.


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