About Me

Me, My Girls, and a Tiger on My Head

For me, writing is all about my family. There's one thing I want more than anything else, and that is to be home every day with my kids. Being the working mom and watching my husband TJ do most of the homeschooling is excructiatingly painful.

But once I started writing, something else began to happen. I had a dream of a better world for our family, and my daughters began to dream too. Kiddo #1 watched everything I did and copied me. If I wrote a story, she'd write a story. When I plotted, she asked me to teach her how. When she saw that my story plots had multiple threads and the threads complemented each other, she started planning more complex plots.

When I planned a web site, she designed a computer game. Now my husband TJ and I have started our own business Robot Playground Inc, and she gives me ideas of what we should do with our business.

Kiddo #2 loves art and dancing, and I encourage her to follow her heart. Kiddo #3 loves music and laughter.

Dreaming means that my children will dream, and I can't give up or I'll teach them that dreams aren't worth fighting for.