Family Food Issues

I have Celiac Disease, and so do my oldest two children. This means that we can't eat wheat, barley, or rye, or anything that has even touched one of those grains. No pizza, no spaghetti, no cake or cookies, unless of course I go to the gluten-free bakery. And we definitely can't go to buffets, and eating at someone else's house can be a very scary endeavor.

We've worked hard to cut out wheat from our diets, choosing corn tortillas and corn chips, corn spaghetti (the rice spaghetti was too slimy), millet bread, rice crackers... TJ doesn't have the problem, but he's been my champion, diligently keeping the gluten grains out of the house.

Then TJ went for some allergy testing, and low and behold, he can't eat corn, eggs, soy, or coconut. Did you know that coconut is often used as a preservative? The only things he's not allergic to is milk and wheat. Go figure.

I am reminded of a nursery rhyme:

Jack Sprat could eat no corn
His wife could eat no wheat
So betwixt the two of them
They licked the platter clean

Hmm, that doesn't rhyme. Maybe I should say "They licked the platter neat"?

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