Never Edit at 3 in the Morning...

Reading what I had changed while editing, I found these words:
The stubble on his cheek contrasts with a rough scrape on my hand.
Tell me that makes sense. What on earth was I thinking? In the future, I will make sure I'm actually AWAKE when I'm writing or editing. No more 3 in the morning edit sessions. I changed it to:
The stubble on his cheek scrapes my hand.


  1. I can relate, though I'm usually fully awake when I make my terrible gaffs!

  2. Haha. I know. I've been up writing a scene at that hour and have had to completely rewrite it the next day. I remember thinking, where in the world was my head?

  3. Too bad books don't have bloopers like movies do. That might be rather funny to read.

  4. No more three in the morning editing I think that's the time most people die in their sleep. In that context bad editing has the edge :)


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