The Search for CJ Continues

Years passed without a siting of the infamous terrorist known as CJ. Until today.

"Mom, someone's here!"

Oh good, the homeschool curriculum I was waiting for had arrived.

A courier van parked outside my house, and a man wearing a brown jumpsuit got out. His face was ghastly white, and he marched to my door with a funny sort of gait, as if his legs were made of metal.

But rather than the box I expected, he handed me an unmarked envelope. Without a word, he swiveled on his heel, military style, and marched back to the van. As it pulled away, I noticed that there wasn't even a license plate.

I inspected the envelope before opening it. That's what they do in the movies after all. Shining a light through it, I couldn't spot anything unusual.

So, *shrug*, I opened it.

Inside was a note cut from newsprint: CJ spotted in the mountains of Peru.

There were some snapshots too: A cute donkey. Maybe he had ridden it?

A steep footpath up a mountain face. I shuddered, imagining myself slipping and falling to my death.

The back of a man, running. Could it be him? Hard to tell. The snapshot only showed him from the shoulders down. But there on the boot was the tiny symbol that I had come to know as the Mark of CJ's Cult.

And the man was certainly short enough.

Peering inside, I rattled the envelope. Something was left, tucked into the bottom. I upended it, and a slip of paper fell into my hand.

A plane ticket to Lima, Peru.

Did I dare? I had homeschooling to attend to and three children plus a husband who needed my care.

It could be a trap. Rico Suave could be sending me false clues.

Or this could be the chance to stop an evil terrorist that I've waited years for.

What would you do?


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