Truth or Dare

Truth: Tell me about your first kiss with the love of your life or about your first kiss ever.

Dare: I dare you to kiss that special someone. Been in a long term relationship? Well a kiss is just what you need to add some spice. Not in a relationship? Well maybe it’s time to be a little brave and give a kiss to the one you’ve got your eye on. If you feel a little shy, a friendly kiss on the cheek is enough.

My Truth

TJ and I had known each other for at least 6 years before we started dating, and then for the previous 2 years before dating, we were great friends. Together, we went to concerts, movies, and the zoo. Usually we planned these things with friends who often baled on us at the last minute. We took long hikes and talked for hours about books.

I thought about all the reasons why we were too different to date, and he told me that I wasn’t his type. The fact that we both thought why we shouldn’t get together was a good indication that we were thinking about each other at all. We were opposites in so many ways.

One Saturday night just before Labor Day, we went camping in Kentucky with friends. Sitting around the fire, we were laughing and joking, and he drank a whole bottle of Jim Bean Black just to get up the courage to kiss me. After the kiss, he passed out and didn’t remember anything much in the morning. Two days later he left for a college class trip to Yellowstone National Park, and we didn’t talk for weeks.

With another friend of ours, I went to pick him up from the airport on his return, and my hands shook with nerves. One of my closest friends had kissed me, and I didn’t know how to respond.

Eleven years of marriage and three kids + one cat later, I think we figured it out. We still talk about books, still love concerts and movies and zoos, still take long walks in the park when we have time.

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