Truth or Dare

Truth: What’s your beauty secret?

Dare: I dare you to smile at everyone in the grocery store next time you go shopping. Spread a little sunshine and cheer.

My Truth

I really believe that a smile and laughter makes all the difference in the world—along with a little faith in yourself. But adding a necklace to my outfit always makes me feel happy. * happy dance *

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Truth or Dare is my own weekly meme. I have found that many of my favorite blog posts by book bloggers I love were the ones that they shared more about themselves. Book bloggers are so busy sharing about books that we get little time to know them. Truth or Dare is an opportunity to pause from our weekly posts and get to know each other.

Want to participate? Copy and paste my Truth or Dare challenge into your own post and then write your answer to my question or about the results of your dare. Be sure to post the link here...

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