Musical Theater Class

Musical Theater class last night, we played the dating game for one of our improv assignments. (Yeah, I’m learning how to be an actor since writing hasn’t been enough to let out all those voices in my head.) We each picked a personality and acted it out, and the girl who was picking her “date” had to guess what our personality was.

So she asked me, “What do you like to do for fun?”

“I like to play golf because I like to hit the ball and it goes up, up, up, and then it comes down and goes into a little cup in the ground and but golf isn’t fast enough so I also like dancing because I can move so fast and the music is fast and everyone around me is moving fast and I like to go shopping and spend lots and lots of money and I buy shoes and clothes and books and I like to drink coffee, coffee, coffee, since coffee is my favorite and I drink coffee all day long and I like my coffee with cream and sugar—the more sugar the better—but I can drink it black too. Do you have any coffee?”

But then someone started laughing, which caused me to start laughing and messed up my speech. My instructor said, “Don’t stop. You’re doing good.” But it was too late. I’d lost my rhythm.

Can you guess what my personality was?

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