Discussion: Blogging Alone

The headaches of book blogging:

#1. Providing fresh content on a mostly daily basis

#2. Reading all the books for review (Book Bloggers have their reading scheduled months in advance)

#3. Keeping track of the giveaways and special events

#4. Spreading the word. You have to be more marketing savvy than an author

#5. Organizing the information

#6. Making it all look pretty

#7. Being excited and chipper about books even after you no longer want to blog anymore

Blogging with a partner means you share the chore. Blogging alone means you get control over the structure and ideas.

So the question is would you prefer to blog alone or with a friend?


  1. I do have someone who helps me with reviews, but since she has her own blog, I wouldn't consider her a blog partner (of my blog, anyway. that is still mine).

    However, I do like having blogging buddies--people who are there to listen about frustrations or talk you down off ledges when you want to give up and walk away. That's what makes blogging so worthwhile for me. ;)

    (For the record, I pretty much blow off numbers 1 through 3 and do my own thing. Not as many headaches that way.) :)

  2. I blog very much alone. Not because I can't blog with a friend, but because blogging together takes much more organisation than I can muster!

  3. I agree with quite a few of these things, but I much prefer to blog alone. It may be more work since it's not sharing everything but I get the pride of knowing that I can manage to do everything and still keep turning out what I think is great content :)

  4. I prefer to blog alone. Even though it would be nice to split the responsibilities at times, to be honest I like to have control over it all. And I also like that I can take a break whenever I want to and I don't have to feel like I'm letting someone else down. I usually do take a few weeks off every year. Sometimes I plan ahead (like family vacation) and other times when I start to feel burned out I take a week to unplug (as much as possible).

  5. Yes! Oh yes, I feel the pain!
    I never thought I would be so busy as to have books scheduled months in advance - but I do! Right now I am booked till mid Jan.
    And I have to write it all down on a special calendar, which books I am posting on which days and which are giveaways.

    But still I do like to do it alone. I have a couple friends who blog with another person and it works well for them.


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