Found my keys in a book

I confess to being lost in a book for the last week or two. Or three. And my most recent read must've made my mind a bit hazy.

Just a bit.

Because I couldn't find my keys for 5 days!

Hey, it was a really good book!

I came home last Wednesday night from dance class. I tossed my keys onto some surface. Maybe the entertainment center, the coffee table, the couch, the dining room table, the kitchen counter, the top of the microwave.

I looked for it everywhere. Under the couch. In the couch. Behind and in between all the furniture. Shelves, counters, surfaces, drawers.

I retraced my steps through the house. Searched through all the usual places I had gone.

My husband said, "Did you look inside in the fridge?"

"No, and I'm not going to." I refuse to admit believe I would have done that.

Five days later, Webb Girl #1 says, "Mom, your keys are in my science book!"

I'm pretty sure they walked or crawled there. They were annoyed with being stuck inside my shoes during dance class.


  1. That sounds like something I would do, LOL. And just to take the focus from me, I would have asked her why it took her five days to open her science book, :)

  2. Rita, you're a ding-bat, but a very nice one :)

  3. That's a funny story, thanks for sharing. LOL


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