I saw something today

The strangest thing.

As I was coming out of work, two people were standing in the parking lot behind one of the cars. At their feet was an open grate. The woman, wearing business dress, brown skirt and dress shirt, was bent forward at the waste, staring down into the hole. She looked like a statue, not even moving the whole time I watched. And the man, also wearing business attire, stood, not looking in the hole, not really looking at anything. His brief case was set on the ground beside the open grate.

The hole was in the way of the car moving. I wondered if that was why they stood there. Or maybe she dropped something down in? Was there someone down in there? Did they open it? Or were they waiting for someone to come and close it? 

My curiosity was prickling. And so was everybody else's. The girl walking two steps behind me, talking on her cell phone, was screwing up her forehead as she watched. 

I wanted to ask questions. But we don't really do that in this society. Do we?

This would be the makings of an interesting short story. What story can you make out of this?

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