At work, I would stop at David's desk in the mornings. It was a good way to waste a little time if the day was slow. We'd sometimes talk much and sometimes have nothing to say. But we could usually discuss what lunch plans we had. David's response was often, "You decide."

One day--was it me or was it him?--someone said, "Do you want to go to Lunk today?"

The other did a good job of making fun. Probably him. He was good at making fun of me.

That very night I started writing the short story Scrolls, and as inevitably happens, the story takes a turn. Something happens that my notes--ok, I barely had any notes to begin with--didn't cover. And I needed a name. A name for a military school. Hmm.

Lunk jumped to mind.

Naw, you shouldn't make up words.

But once the word had been considered, nothing else would come to mind. I'm terrible at naming things. Most of my names for people actually come right out of the baby name book. Most of my names for places are very flat and unimaginative, like the Dark Forest, Dragon Keep, Crown City.

So Lunk stuck. In honor of David. Who refused to read the story after it had been written.

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