12 Evidences of Stinky Pride

If humility is knowing yourself, than pride is not knowing yourself. People who don't know themselves invent charicatures--scarecrow images of themselves--to project to the world.

It is much easier to recognize pride than humility. It is the people who don't know themselves--don't know their strengths or their weaknesses--that get really threatened if someone should reveal their scarecrow for what it really is. Prideful people lash out at others to make their scarecrows seem even better.

Twelve ways to recognize pride in yourself:

1. You hate someone because they might be better than you.
2. You love insulting people.
3. You hog the conversation.
4. You criticize other people's work.
5. You frown at someone because they're good looking.
6. You never try anything new because you're afraid to fail.
7. You have all the answers.
8. You whine when things don't go your way.
9. You get really depressed or angry when you don't get the praise from others you think you deserve.
10. You are overly concerned about your physical appearance or money.
11. You want to keep up with the Joneses--having the best house, the best car, the best clothes, the latest gadgets.
12. You don't like anything I just said.

So what's the cure? Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and then go back to my previous post on humility.

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