My Humble Self-Assessment

I know myself well enough to know that I don't know myself very well. (Now try to say that ten times fast.)

I struggle with self-doubt. I sometimes feel like giving up. I desperately look for that pat on the back or that word of praise, as if my own opinion isn't enough to carry me through. I worry about my looks. I worry about money. I worry about failure. And people's bad opinions of me can really tear me down.

Those are my weaknesses. And I know them very well. I fight them. I try to let go of the need for approval and the fear of failure. And some days, I manage to win that battle. Other times, I'm just dragging through life, celebrating nothing, and resenting people who seem to have it all together.

On the other hand, I know my strengths too. I am learning how to write good stories. Oh, there is plenty of room for improvement. But at this point, it is the practice that will make the difference, not the lack of skill or talent. That sounds very vein to say, but it's not. Because I can honestly see the improvement over the years, and I know what I'm doing right.

I know very little about marketing, and that could be my downfall if I let it. Failure scares me, because I want so much to succeed. But this is one thing I will never give up: writing and learning to market. Maybe tomorrow, I'll figure it all out. Maybe tomorrow, I will find what it takes to succeed.

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