POV Part IV - 10 reasons why to use 1st and 3rd person POV's

Why should I really bother to write from one POV? What's wrong with the omniscient viewpoint anyway?

1. It's popular. (OK, I confess I hate doing things because they are popular. But this time--for once--the popular thing to do actually makes for better character development and more interesting stories.)

2. Publishers like it.

3. It sucks readers in.

4. It anchors the reader into the story rather than floating the reader above the story.

5. It forces you to grow as a writer.

6. It helps you focus your story telling so that you show more than you tell.

7. It makes your descriptions and characters jump from the page.

8. It is more real to life as real people aren't omniscient.

9. It creates a character-driven plot.

10. It's the characters that make a story worth reading.

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