Word Challenge Winners

* drumroll please *

We have a tie, so I will order the book for both Joyful Chaos and Kat Gergis. You can check out the winning entries here.

Normally, I have a bio about each winner, but neither contestant provided me with this information. So I will say a few things about each contestant.

Kat, a friend of mine, is sometimes called my clone. We share a birthday and often say the same things at the same time. Even when playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, we tie more often than not. But one thing that Kat has that I do not is the ability to draw. She is an awesome artist who has contributed some of her works to share here. Check out Kat's Monkey or Kat's Wolf.

Joyful Chaos writes a beautiful blog about growing up Amish. Her stories are full of the wonder and magic of childhood, when life was innocent and troubles were full of laughter.

Joyful Chaos, I don't have your address. If you can email that to me, I'll send the book your way; otherwise, I will hold the book for two months or so. If you don't claim it by then, I'll donate it to the library. Hope to hear from you.

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