3 Little Spiders out Trick or Treating

3 Little Spiders went trick or treating tonight

{{Pun intended. *ahem* We're the Webbs after all.}}

One Spider was a wood elf. Nice pointy ears.

One Spider was Puss in Purple Boots. Sword & feathered hat included.

And the youngest Spider was Bat, a new superhero. Sass and attitude.

And I was Mom Spider. No costume needed.

So who were you for Halloween this year?


  1. Ooooh! Adorable!

    This year I'm going to an adult costume party at a pub. I'll be going as a noble woman-knight errant (without the armour... this time).

  2. They are so cute, aren't they? I can say I've done something right in this world when I look at them.

    @Sonia, you'd make an awesome woman-knight errant.


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