My NaNoWriMo Project

I hadn't planned on doing NaNoWriMo as I already have two project I'm working on.

But then I realized that I haven't really been working on one of those projects. The outline is sitting on my hard drive collecting dust. Seriously, you should see how much dust is on it.

So I decided having a deadline would keep me motivated and kick my cute little tushy into gear. I know it may be cheating to use something that already has a few lines written in it, but I'm not in this for the prize. Just the deadline.

This year, I'm working on a Middle-Grade Steampunk story, set in an alternate history. It's called

* drum roll please *

Wendy Amazing and the Girl's School for Mad Science

Opening Paragraphs:

I open the door and peek inside, checking for traps, fly-away experiments, and explosive devices, before sneaking in.

The piano in the music room to my right plays me a Welcome Home fanfare—Dad modified it last year as a Christmas present for Mom so that it plays by itself—and to the left, books piled up on every conceivable surface, the parlor has been remade into a library.

I tiptoe past Mom’s solarium (which used to be the library), but Eva, the gigantic Venus fly trap, seems to be sleeping. She is so large she can reach through the doors and snatch me up, and though I’m too big to fit in her mouth, it doesn’t stop her from trying. Dad put locks on the French doors to keep her inside, but then she learned how to unlock them.

He gave her a right good scolding when she nearly scared the church ladies visiting for tea, but Eva only listens to Mom and so she pouted in the corner, turning her back on him.

So what are YOU working on for NaNoWriMo?

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