Recovering from Total Social Burnout!

Last week turned the whole household upside down:

1. We started off the week off-kilter because of (1) food allergies (we broke all our strict food rules) and (2) we spent the whole weekend running around. The kids had a sleepover with their best friend, and TJ and I had our first date in years.

2. Two kids got poison ivy from running in the woods with their friend.

3. I got hives that won't go away. We don't know what's causing them, and the heavy duty medication that the doc gave me doesn't work.

4. 6 doctor / dentist visits in one week.

5. My parents, and then later my brother, came to visit.

6. My mom spent the whole week with us as she taught the kids how to sew.

7. Our dining room table was covered in sewing machines and we had to picnic in the living room every day.

My parents are great and wonderful people. My mom is really caring and teaches sewing to a girls' club, and my dad is a great preacher (yeah, I'm a PK, with all the typical rebellious stereotype to go with it).

Back Row: Grampy and Grammy
Front Row:  my kidlets, Spider Girl #2, #3, and #1 (holding our cat Custard)

The kids had a great time learning to sew, despite being all itchy. It warmed my heart to watch them get to know their grandmother. My parents live 3 states and 8+ hours away, and they visit maybe once every 3 years or so.

But for me and TJ, the constant social interaction was . . . exhausting. Our usual routine was completely out of wack, and we ran out of small tack on Day One. Our nice quiet moments in the evening with books and snuggling or writing while swapping ideas back and forth was all screwed up.

We survived the week, and I even managed to write 4,000 words last week. They left happy and contented, and we now have our kitchen table back.

However, we are exhausted, cranky, and low on energy. Total SOCIAL BURNOUT! It's a week to recharge our souls. This means music, reading, lots of quiet time, and snuggling. Some time soaking up the wonderful summer weather.

What do you do to relax after stressful social visits?


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