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series: Paranormal Investigation, #1.5
status: 32K!!! About 64% complete
cover reveal: Sept 4, 2013



The smell of sex hangs in the air like an accusation.

The bed is a mess, her blood smeared on the sheets. Shit, she was a virgin. How could I have not realized that? I should’ve noticed there was no smell of another male on her.

Condoms in the trash can. One broke and I pray she’s not pregnant. She was fertile; I could smell it… I rake my hands through my hair.

What have I done?

But if I could do it all over again, I would.

I sit on the side of my bed, watching her sleep, her golden hair fanning out across the dark pillow, the sheet only partly covering her. I had loved how those silky tresses and fallen over my face as she lay on top of me, as she rained kisses down over my face, chest…

I want to reach out and touch her again. Pull her to me. Kiss her. Take her. Mine.

Every inch of her body has burned itself into my soul. I snort with self derision—wolves mate for life. That would be why this was such a bad idea.

But she’s not mine. I can’t really have her.

If the Usurper got a hold of her like he did to Sammi…

No, I will move heaven and hell to make sure that doesn’t happen. Not again, not ever again, will he hurt something of mine.


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