Accidental Publication: Feather by Rita Webb

My husband and I agreed we should wait for December to release this short story FEATHER because

(1) it's a short story and people's #1 complaint about my books is that they are too short
(2) it's a short story and all I have out there for sale right now are novellas
(3) it's a short story and I didn't want it to take away from my big release of BREAKING ANGELINA in November
(4) it's a short story and thus priced only 99 cents

But then I accidentally published it.

Some people accidentally stub their toes. Some people accidentally break plates by dropping them on the floor. Some people accidentally put the milk in the pantry rather than the refrigerator.

So you're probably wondering how anyone could ACCIDENTALLY publish a new eBook. I had uploaded all the required information weeks ago for my short story FEATHER. Last night, I made a change, and rather than clicking "Save" and then "Return to Bookshelf" (or whatever those buttons are called), I was on autopilot and clicked the "Publish" button.

So now Feather is out there, tossed on the raging sea of Amazon ebooks, lost and alone, drowning ...

I didn't even get the chance to plan this out. No pre-marketing. No reviewers lined up. Not even a cover reveal!

This sweet short story is now all alone, out there in the big, big world. So please show it a little love: buy it, review it, tell your friends...

Buy it today on Amazon!!!

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