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project: Breaking Angelina
series: Paranormal Investigation, #1.5
status: 50K!!! About 100% complete. We're on our last round of edits before it goes to the beta readers. I can't believe we're just weeks away from releasing this baby!



THE SOUND OF a car honking wakes me up. I’m standing in the middle of the road—in my nightgown and bare feet, no less—and a car veers around me. Three lanes of busy traffic separate me from the sidewalk.

My heart in my throat, I dash across the road, and when a car slams on its breaks in front of me, I dive onto the sidewalk. My knee burns and aches where I land.

How did I get here?

Nothing answers me but the sound of the voices in my head cackling in delight.

Nauseated, scared, cold and hurting, I stare up at the morning sky. All this to punish me because the blue lady didn’t give them what they wanted.

They almost killed me.

“You okay, miss?” An old man helps me up.

“Yes, I just got a little lost.” In my pajamas on a busy street. Right. I need to learn to be a better liar.


HE TURNS TO leave, his shoulders stooped, and I can see the sorrow swallowing him up, a dark cloud raging around him. His pain digs into him, boring into his skin like ticks sucking him dry....

“Wait! Don’t go.” I grab his arm, and his pai...n races through me and settles around my heart, squeezing it with vicious claws. He turns to look at me, his amber gaze drilling into me. I blink back the sudden tears. “I’m sorry. I was rude. You were kind and I brushed you away. It’s just that …”

“What?” His voice is surprisingly gentle.

“Nobody can help me. Not you. Not all the money in the world can help.”

“No problem is ever that bad, angel.”


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