Review: The Evolution of Mara Dyer

The Evolution of Mara Dyer
by Michelle Hodkin

Blurb from Goodreads:
Mara Dyer once believed she could run from her past.

She can’t.

She used to think her problems were all in her head.

They aren’t.

She couldn’t imagine that after everything she’s been through, the boy she loves would still be keeping secrets.

She’s wrong.

In this gripping sequel to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, the truth evolves and choices prove deadly. What will become of Mara Dyer next?

Favorite Quote (one of many):
Reflexively, I checked my reflection in the side mirror.

My hair was plastered to my face, and I was pale. But I looked okay. Maybe a little thin. A little tired. But normal.

Then my reflection winked. Even though I hadn’t.

My Thoughts:

I’m a sucker for insane characters!

Fast paced! This story is a roller coaster ride of an amazing story. You don’t know how much is in her head and how much is real—the dead cat in her backyard, the writing in blood on her mirror, and her grandmother’s doll staring at her. The strange dreams and the sightings of her dead ex-boyfriend.

I loved how Mara changed through this story. She finds some of the answers she desperately needs (yay!), and most importantly, I love how she came to accept herself and her strange powers.

Noah is awesome, the way he supports her and fights for her and helps her every step of the way. One of the best supporting male roles in YA books today. Up there with Alex from Delirium and Peeta from Hunger Games.

Highly, highly recommend this series!

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  1. Wonderful review, I'm a sucker for insane characters too! I have only read book one but I will be starting book two soon hopefully. Noah is great!


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