Movies I wish I own

#1. Howl's Moving Castle

I'm just so in love with this movie and it is no longer available for streaming on Netflix. Thus I want to own it.

When I watch this movie, I always feel like magic is real and that I could actually do anything if I set my mind to it. But mostly I love how Sophie broke her own curse. I really do believe in the power of words.

#2. My Neighbor Totoro

The girls laugh and laugh whenever they watch this movie. There's something beautiful in a laughter that is born out of pure delight, and what I love most about Totoro is that I can be a kid for a moment alongside my own girls.

#3. Kung Fu Panda 2

A household favorite! But even though we all love Panda, for us it was the soothsayer goat who stole the show.

#4. Avengers

TJ and I are doing our best to raise 3 little girls who love all things geeky as much as we do. Now that they are getting older, we're exposing them to all our favorite books and movies. Superheroes is an important part of our indoctrination process. They will definitely follow in our footsteps as they grow older.

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