10 Ways to Off Zola

Some characters are so annoying that you dream up ways to destroy them. Zola from Girl Genius is such a character.

Therefore, I have plotted her demise. Mwahahahaha!

10. Leave her to her "friends" that put her up to this job.

9. Use Agatha's death ray gun on her.

8. Feed her to Von Pinn.

7. Let the castle squash her.

6. Hand her to the lynch mob outside.

5. Put her between Agath and Klaus Wulfenbach. He'll step on her on accident.

4. Send Zeetha after her.

3. Set her in front of a red, blinking button, "Do not push. Ever." She'd be just stupid enough.

2. Make her into a mimmoth toy.

1. Wack GILGAMESH WULFENBACH until he gets his head straightened around and offs her himself.

At least, he'd better.


  1. Do nothing. She'll get herself killed pretty quickly using just her incompetence.

  2. That would work...

    If Gil would stop rescuing her! Grrrr.


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