Possible Terrorist Attacks in Pocatello

Police continue to investigate the incidents that have surrounded the quiet countryside just outside of Pocatello, Idaho.

On June 27, 2009, an unknown group descended on a farm, wreaking havoc in what started as pranks but turned into a possible deadly situation when emergency vehicles were rushed to the seen to put out fires. By then, the culprits had already disappeared.

"Everything was just a mess," local firefighter John Twain told reporters. "They plucked the chickens, shaved the sheep, and smeared all the animals in manure. The kind of behavior you'd expect of a bunch of stupid kids. But then we found this." Smith had a pile of evidence which included bombs, a sonic cavitation device, and a wad of cash. "We think that they were paid by Al Qaeda to destroy American peace."

However, the damage does not end there. Samuel Clemens, the owner of the farm that was attacked, lost his home in the resulting fire as well as his livelihood. The farmyard was flooded, the animals killed, and the fields destroyed. "Hey, at least, they left my barn in tact," Clemmons said bitterly. "They painted it pink, but at least it's still standing. It gives me a place to sleep while I get this trouble straightened out."

"I think it was some sort of satanic cult activity," said local farmer who refused to reveal her name. She had been away on vacation and is thankful that her home remained unharmed. She gestured toward the inflatable pyramid with the tractor inside. "That looks like a temple to me, and with the snakes and the African bees, it seems more like some kind of psychotic ritual."

Zoo Boise officials have already picked up the stolen elephants and returned them to the Elephant House. The elephant exhibit has been closed until further notice. Zoo officials have not made a comment at this time.

The police have questioned some suspects, but no arrests have been made at this time. In a released statement, police chief Mark Anderson said, "We believe these actions have been performed by possible terrorist cells operating here in Pocatello."

The police encourage Pocatello residents to keep their eyes open for any suspicious activity. "You can't be too careful in times like these," Anderson said.

If you have any further information to report regarding this incident, please email the Webb Times Newspaper at

Written in dedication to Renee, Paul, and Wendy. May your imaginations never die.


  1. Good job Rita! Keep the pressure on and maybe these criminals will be caught! I shudder at what they might be capable of. THe sight of those poor chickens... it's more than a person should ever go through.

  2. Hopefully the culprits will get caught before this phenomenon spreads to the rest of America. I'd hate to have that happen here in Ohio.


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