Wild & Whiny, Power & Politics, Silver & Stakes

Years ago, I used to play word games with my friends/coworkers Kevin and Randy. We'd have long email conversations that consisted of nothing but rhyming lines, and one time they came up with descriptions of my evil twin MalRita. She was mal-odious and malevolent and malicious and malignant. I never knew there were so many "mal" words.

At a Carrie Newcomer concert, I learned about road games like Store-Keeper Bob. If store-keeper Bob was a butler, he'd be door-keeper Bob. And if store-keeper Bob was a pig farmer, he'd be boar-keeper Bob. And if store-keeper Bob worked for the Coast Guard, he'd be shore-keeper Bob...

Ah yeah, you get the picture.

So I want to play an alliteration game, comparing Vampires and Werewolves. I thought about making this a Top 10 List but decided instead to keep my list small so that you can play the game too. Here goes:

  • werewolves are Wild, and vampires are Whiny
  • werewolves like Power, and vampires like Politics
  • werewolves' weakness is Silver, and vampires' weakness is Stakes
  • werewolves come from the Earth, and vampires go to Eternity

Yeah, it's corny. But you won't know how much fun it can be until you start to play. So try to finish this one and then come up with some of your own:

werewolves are controlled by the Moon, and vampires are controlled by ________

P.S. I hate listening to alliterated, three-part speeches.

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