Congratulations to Renee!

It was a great contest, and I want to thank everyone for their participation. This was a lot of fun for me. I loved the friendly competitive banter and the overall good-sport attitude.

The Werewolf Poetry Contest winners are as follows:

First Prize -
Changing by Renee Miller-Johnston

Bio: Children's author and aspiring horror writer and Mom. Slightly crazy, taking my meds. Writing has always been a passion, but only recently have I tried to do more than dabble. Now I am an addict, can't go a day without writing something. The darker, the better.

Check out her blog here.

Second Prize -
Of Werewolves and Authors by J. Gergis

Bio: Joseph Gergis is a musician in the Dayton, Ohio area. His primary focus is the electronic genre, and his first CD release, The Darker Light, illustrates the fusion of his classical training with his passion for analog synthesis. And sometimes he writes bad werewolf poetry upon request.

Check out some of his music here.

Runner Ups -
Wishes by Lauren Stone

Bio: Lauren Stone is an accomplished musical theater actor who is transitioning back into a writer. Already a published poet, she has recently decided to go back to school to hone her skills as a fiction writer. To learn more about Lauren go to

Run with the Wolves by Jessica Lynn Wright

Bio: I have always wanted to write since I was a little girl making up stories in my head. I mainly write poetry but I am beginning to attempt to write my first novel which happens to be about werewolves and vampires. Lets hope its a good one. You can read her poetry on her blog.

You can read the poems of the finalists here.

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