8 Reasons to Never Give Up

Someone on the message boards asked if her story was good enough to continue. I've sometimes asked myself the same question. Am I wasting my time? Is this worth the effort? If I'm not any good at this, why bother?

I've got children and a husband and a job and home schooling to deal with. Putting my time into writing--especially if it's not good enough and won't make money--isn't easy, and there have been times I have considered quitting.

But there are many reasons why I don't. One is that writing has become such a part of me that giving it up would be like ripping my arm from my body. Another is that I watch my kids follow in my example, writing and dreaming and building stories and writing some more. Because they see Mommy do it. And watching them create as I do is worth ever minute of doubt and pain.

Even their childlike attempts have value. It makes them grow and learn, and it warms my heart. Isn't that why we all have picked up the pen to write or draw? We have a dream: to create something worthwhile and to have others admire our work.

Whether you pursue music, art, or writing, you always have something to offer.

Here are 8 reasons why you should keep going and never give up:
  1. No one else can give what you have in your heart.
  2. No one else can express art with your emotions.
  3. No one else has your vision, perspective, or personality. Think of the portraits painted by Van Gogh. Even with skewed noses and misshapen eyes, there was more character, personality, color, and life in his paintings than many other artists put together. Imperfections and all.
  4. An emotional performance from the heart has more merit than a perfectly executed musical piece.
  5. Just like you benefit from exercise even if you are not a gold medal winner at the Olympics, you gain from exploring art.
  6. There is more than monetary gain to drawing, writing, and performing.
  7. It makes your heart and soul and spirit blossom.
  8. The more you write, the more you draw, the more you practice, the better you become. What you write today may not be worth publishing or selling, but what you learned from the practice may help you to create something tomorrow that is of value to others.

So when that malicious whisper in your ear tells you it's not good enough and you might as well quit, what do you tell yourself to keep going?


  1. I always think - of course it's good enough. What do they know? Anyway, I'm enjoying writng it, so what if no one else wants it?

    Of course, if you adopt this attitude, it helps to have a sizeable degree of arrogance (which I do).

    Otherwise it just sounds like a little kid falling off his bike and saying 'I meant to do that.'

  2. Splendid. I just need to have more arrogance. I'll keep that in mind.


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