A Humorous Tale of Two Toads

"Here hold my toads, Mommy." And two toads were plopped onto my book. Makani has recently added a new toad to her collection, which had dwindled to just one, a little orange toad named Skydiver. We are a home school family, after all, and science is hands on in our house.

Skydiver is the tamest amphibian I've ever seen. It perches on Makani's shoulder like a bird and doesn't try to escape. Makani carries it all over the yard, takes it on bike rides, catches bugs for it, builds mud houses for it, cleans its cage almost daily, and creates little play areas for it. I can't tell if this toad is pampered or tortured, but after all this time, it doesn't seem to mind anymore.

"So what is this new one named?" I asked. "How about Jumpy?" It certainly wasn't tame. It was hard to keep hold of, always jumping about. Though, that seems to be changing quickly.

"We're going to call this one Leap Frog," she said, "because it likes to jump on top of Skydiver."

Oh really. Just great.

So is anyone in the market for some baby frogs?

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