Werewolf Poetry Contestants - Let the voting begin!

You can vote by leaving a comment with the contestant number.

Contestant #1

by Lauren Stone

It’s so peaceful here.
I wish I could feel like this all the time.
I wish I could lay naked in the cool wet grass forever.
To bathe in the moonlight
With no one to disturb me.

I wish I could be this free in the day time.
To run wild with no one telling me it’s wrong
No one telling me what to do
With no one to please
And no one to disappoint.

I wish I could just stay hidden in the forest.
But this is dangerous to.
I’m not safe in this world.
And I’m not safe in theirs.

If someone learned my secret
It would destroy me.
I wouldn’t be allowed to spend my days with people
And my nights here in the forest.

This is the one place where I feel like I can slip away
And be myself.
I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to find my way back
If I lose my humanity
I will be no better than a stray dog
Discarded and put to sleep.

I don’t think I was made to feel this way.
I was given all this power
Yet I am still so weak.

So susceptible
So confused
I don’t know what I’m supposed to be.
I don’t know how I am supposed to be.
How to juggle these two worlds
Without losing myself
Or compromising to one of them.

Sometimes I wish I was normal
So things wouldn’t be so hard.

I want to run away
Find a place where I can just be alone
And lay naked in the grass
Under the moonlight
With no one to bother me
But that’s no way to live.

Contestant #2

by Renee Miller-Johnston

Running, panting, it howls in the night.
Shivers tingle down your spine.
Gaining ground, it has you in sight,
You escape to the safety of the pines.

Snarl, sniff, it has your scent.
You can’t shake it from your trail.
It smiles at the blood you’ve already spent.
Your skin grows cold and pale.

“Come to me,” it growls through the trees.
No, you won’t, you can’t.
“It is done.” It says, “Can’t you see?”
Then you see your hands.

Fur, claws, they begin to grow.
You shake your head, it can’t be.
This isn’t real, it can’t be so.
It’s all a terrible dream.

Horrible pain, wrenching through your body.
You collapse on the ground, you are spent.
Your thoughts grow dim, your mind is foggy.
You try to get up but you can’t.

Above you now it peers down.
It licks your face like a lover.
This is the end, it’s done now.
Your life as you know it is over.

Slowly you rise, upon all fours.
It backs away, giving you room.
You want to feed, to fill the ache.
You feel the pull of the moon.

You follow it into the night,
Your human self is gone.
You crave the hunt, the taking of life,
At least until the dawn.

Contestant #3

Of Werewolves and Authors
J. Gergis, 2009

My muse must be missing
Said the Author to her Pen
How will I write?
I don't know if I can!

The Werewolf ate it,
Said the Pen to the Author
What were ---

The Werewolf began to sing,
And dance with a spin,
The song he chose to sing:
"I've Got You Under My Skin"

So now the Pen was sad,
And asked the Werewolf to write,
But dear reader, werewolf poetry is BAD,
Such a horrible sight.

The Author began to wonder,
But what about my muse?
Where will I find inspiration?
Who will light my fuse?

The Werewolf whsipered in her ear,
With a toothy grin he said,

Sweet girl, my dear,
*I'LL* be your muse instead.

The Author said, aghast,
You're a Werewolf, not a muse!
How can you inspire me?
To write the words I choose?

Ask yourself this question,
How is an author like a werewolf?
Will she attack the page on a mission,
And sink in a tooth?

So the Author listened to her new muse,
And wrote throughout the night,
When finished, she made the news!


Contestant #4

Run With the Wolves
by Jessica Lynn Wright

I run with the pack
through the dead of night.
The moon calls to us all,
As we hunt for our prey and plan to attack
Wind rushes past us
We can feel the dirt beneath us
are we human, or beast
we will let you decide


  1. Wow. A hard choice here.

    I'm voting for #3 because I enjoy the humor (as a reader). #2 is a very close second, and I'm still agonizing about which to pick.

    (Yes, I am capable of schizophrenically dissociating myself from myself and look at the works as objectively as possible. Hmmm.... don't werewolves do that? Better check myself for bites....)

  2. It is perfectly fine to vote for yourself. By my definition of humility (knowing yourself), it only makes sense that one could look at their own work and vote it as the best.

    You only get one vote so vote for the one you most like. If it is yours, then so be it.

    Now if I catch anyone trying to vote twice....


  3. For me, definitely number #2

    I loved the subtle eroticism in:

    You want to feed, to fill the ache.
    You feel the pull of the moon.

    Not erotic? Well, you know what they say about the beholder's eye.

  4. Contestant # 3

    I love the Humor in it as well..
    after reading the others I think I should have made mine longer ..oh well

  5. I will go with number 2 because I can't justify voting for myself.

  6. This is difficult to decide, between #2 and #3, but I think I've decided to vote for contestant #3. It made me laugh, it also rhymed, and it was altogether enjoyable.

  7. So now we have a tie. 3 votes for Renee. 3 votes for Joe. So far so good.

  8. Ms. Miller-Johnston,

    I have been asked to inform you that a certain werewolf of my acquaintance, of whom I have told a certain tale regarding authors and muses, plans to pay you a visit soon enough.

    Apparently he is curious to know more about your current standing with regards to this contest.

    He asked this of me just a short while ago, all whilst flashing a very big, toothy grin. The points of his canines were especially gleaming.

    On behalf of the Werewolf,


  9. Joe,

    Tell your werewolf I welcome his visit. Of course I must vote for #1or #2 as #1 is so very close to the style that I love and #2 is mine and I never claimed to be humble.

    While yours is amusing, and yes it rhymes, the werewolf knows that mine touches his soul. Perhaps that is why he is so intrigued.

    Bring it on Spot. I'm waiting.


  10. Renee,

    I'll refer you to the essays of C.S. Lewis on humility.

    As to your point, yes, I have been informed that the Werewolf (note the capital, he is displeased you disrespect him so) is in fact quite interested in your thoughts on the matter.

    Perhaps this is why he wishes to discuss them with you in person. Perhaps over..... dinner?

    On behalf of the Werewolf,


  11. Jack Shephard--er, I mean, Joe--stop flirting with Renee. She is very pretty, yes. But you are married; she is married. And besides, she's way off in Canada. There is no way you could go out to dinner with her.

  12. Renee, I really liked your entry but the over use of "you and your" kept throwing me out. If you were allowed that one edit I would pick yours hands down.
    Joe, amusing. If the phrasing and flow were a little better I might have voted for yours.
    I felt as if the first entry had a weak voice "I wish" could have been replaced with something stronger. "I long to".
    I almost voted for number four, if it was just a little longer..

    I am casting my vote for Renee's. Once I ignored the distraction of "you" and those pesky Jedi mind tricks, I was able to really enjoy it.

    You can all blame Rita for this. She decided to make me her editor. She created a monster

  13. TJ
    Thank you very much. I take your criticism to heart and will avoid you and your in the future. When I did it first person, I found it distracting so changed it. Interesting isn't it?


    I am familiar with humility, I just find little use for it in writing. If I don't like what I write, then who will believe me when I tell them how good it is?

    You tell your wolf we eat every evening at 6pm. I look forward to discussing his issues with disrespect.
    He'll find out who, er-I mean what is for dinner when he gets here.


  14. The battle continues. Renee is up by one with 4 votes, and Joe has 3 votes.

  15. Renee,

    My acquaintance the Werewolf will be happy to have join you for dinner. So he says.

    On behalf of the Werewolf,


    PS - Rita, I am NOT flirting. I speak on behalf of the one who ... well, you should already know what he's done.

  16. Renee,

    On a more serious note - I fully agree with you regarding humility. I'm not an author, as you might have guessed. I'm a musician primarily - this is my gift in the arts. And let me tell you, I am precise when it comes to my work. So you're right. When I don't like my own music... well, you should hear what comes out of me sometimes. And the reactions that brings from those around me who are flabbergasted at my work.

    Sometimes being a perfectionist sucks. But then there's that one moment, that single, perfect moment, when the universe sings with you. The best way I can describe it is: it's the feeling you get just as the wheels of your small Cessna have JUST lifted off the ground and you are fully free and flying on your own power... THAT'S the feeling I get when I know my work is done right. People just don't believe me when I say it. :)


  17. Joe,

    I know that feeling and it is fantastic. Not everyone needs to agree as long as the artist knows it is good.
    I know as well, the feeling of producing crap and not being able to do anything about the crappiness of it.
    People here tread carefully when that happens. It is not a good time.

    Oh, and tell your friend I'm a little tough, chewy even. He may find me a difficult meal, he may find he's met his any case I'll make sure someone is well fed.

  18. Renee,

    I'll be happy to let him know. Perhaps he may find your dinner plans might even be tastier than what HE is planning.

    On behalf of the Werewolf,


  19. My dinner is always more tasty. I promise.


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