Play Day

As the day draws to a close, I have this warm feeling inside. It was a day straight out of my dreams.

#1) It snowed so that I had to work from home. I've wanted a work-from-home job for so many years, and now I finally work for a company where they don't have enough space for all their employees.

Employees are required to cube share, working half the week at home and the other half in the office, switching with their cubemates. But I haven't been there long enough and don't know the ropes well enough to merit that status yet. In a few months, when I am more familiar with my new role, I'll be home much more.

For now, I just got this snow day. I sat in my sweats on the bed, comfy, cozy, with plenty of opportunities to hug the kids throughout the day.

#2) Because I was home, I slept. I woke up refreshed and relaxed. I started work at 8:30, my usual time, but there was no morning rush and no long drive.

#3) Plugging my earphones into my iPod, which was tuned to Pandora, I worked to the music. I don't understand why a place of employment would block Pandora from their employees, at least the ones that just sit at their desks. Music would make for happier, more productive employees. But being home, with access to our own wifi, I could listen to my heart's content. I was in heaven.

#4) I played in the snow. At 5 o'clock, my work day was done, and rather than getting in my car and fighting my way through traffic, I went out to play. Sledding down the driveway and laughing with my children, I remembered what it was like to get my exercise the old-fashioned way--from good, hard play.

#5) Creamy hot chocolate while sitting in front of the fireplace! I felt the pleasure all the way down to my toes.

What was pleasurable about your day?


  1. Rita, your day sounded just magical! My day was lovely - I went back to work after a prolonged break (yay for left over holiday days!), and once again started working on my writing... the familiar rush... it felt so good to be back at it again.

  2. Working on your writing--that does sound lovely.

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