Revolution: Five rebels vow to change the world

My focus lately has been on my writing. With the start of the new year, I find myself becoming more purposeful, more determined. I have goals this year, and there will be no more meandering through my writing. It's time to finish things up, find publishers, get readers, make my mark on the world.

Since my time is spent writing and editing, my blog will have more excerpts and discussions about what I am working on. Here's a blurb:

Jaak yearns for adventure. He dreams of traveling the stars. The world he lives in is broken — brown water, black earth, a sky so dark its inhabitants have forgotten what blue is. The trees have died; the only animals left are those that scuttle and hide in cracks.

General Forsythe grips the ruined planet in an iron fist. All who oppose him die.

Jaak and his friends steal aboard a small cruiser, only to find themselves at the mercy of their enemy's daughter. She takes them on a wild ride through the stars and dumps them on a strange planet.

This wasn't the adventure they had in mind.

It's the adventure they got.

Can they somehow survive and return to their own world to face the General?


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