What kind of music does God listen to?

My dad, a pastor, worships his classical music. He might say that word's a bit strong, but I grew up on his love for the stuff, something I'm very thankful for. I think classical gave me a stronger appreciation for music, especially after I learned to play an instrument of my own.

But I love so much more than classical. For a girl raised with the notion that rock music and drums were evil, I sure enjoy my Disurbed and Evanescence channels on Pandora. You should have seen my dad's face when I played him the symphonic metal version of Hall of the Mountain King by Apocalyptica.

I once heard my dad say that he could see Jesus at a Beethoven concert. And that statement has been on my mind lately. What does God listen to?


  1. I think that someone that loves humanity so much will appreciate every artistic expression we have to offer, from Beethoven, to Hip Hop, Nirvana, to the drum of a native in Australia. And I bet you every Sunday he is clapping and singing as he listen to the chorus of an African-American church in America.

    I personally like to think he doesn't like country music, although I am sure he loves it to. *sigh*

  2. I think you are right, Henry. I was thinking that if God truly participated in the creation of this world, then he has shown his love for variety--just look at all the different kinds of animals and plants.

  3. God listens to all music. It comes from the soul and thus, like prayer, is powerful indeed.

  4. Yes, I think you are right, SM. When music comes from the soul, it is like a prayer.

    But not all music comes from the soul. Some aritsts have sold out and are only interested in the money, and then some haven't quite found the deepest part of their souls yet.


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