2013 Feminist Reads Challenge

I love strong heroines. Katniss. Hermione. Kate Daniels. Mercy Thompson.

I love them best when their male counterpart is just as strong.

I believe men and women are equal in value, but are very different in their souls. We complement each other, build each other up, support each other. Women need men; men need women. Teamwork. Friendship. Adventuring together.

So when I saw the 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge on The Hiding Spot blog, I just had to join. Well, I figure 95% of the books I read will have strong heroines, so why not?

The Hiding Spot says this:

Therefore, any book that features, by your standards, a strong female character or supports feminist ideals is eligible for this challenge!
Examples include: The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Dairy of Anne Frank, Matilda, The Handmaid's Tale.

I'm picking the MEDIUM challenge of 5 to 10 books!

Books I've already read for the challenge:

1. Catching Jordan by Miranda Kineally

2. Stealing Parker by Miranda Kineally

3. ??? Yet to be determined

Now come on and join in the fun! Go to The Hiding Spot and follow the instructions to sign up!

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