Allusive Aftershock review

Allusive Aftershock

by Susan Griscom


There’s no slow ramp up in Allusive Aftershock. From opening scene to the very end, the story has you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next and if they will survive the latest problem.

What makes this story so amazing is how realistic the dire situation was—three teenagers trying to survive after a natural disaster ripped their home and town and much of the surrounding countryside apart.


Adela – I loved how REAL she was. In some ways, she was supernaturally perfect in how spunky and caring and sweet and gutsy she was. Thrown into a horrible situation, she proved her strength every step of the journey.

Yet at the beginning, she struggled with envy and jealousy when Court could calm her horse. She purposefully and foolishly disobeyed Court’s orders to not ride Big Blue because she wanted to prove she knew better with her own horse.

And that was a very realistic depiction of a teenage girl: smart, sweet, funny, cute, and a little bit of foolishness thrown in. And I loved watching her grow throughout the story.

Courtland – He was absolutely sooooo thoughtful. He was strong and smart and an anchor throughout the whole story. A perfect gentleman and a great match for Adela. Did I mention swoon-worthy? And sweet? And muscles and emerald green eyes? But my favorite part about him is his connections to animals. I wish I had that ability.

Max – Half annoying jerk, half caring friend. I think the addition of his character was downright genius—deepening the plot and the character development and strengthening the story. Okay, I admit. I normally hate love triangles because (1) someone is always going to get hurt and (2) the girl rarely picks the guy I like.

But Max was different. He had deep issues that needed to be worked out with Courtland, and his story arc was one of my favorites.


5 STARS!!! I highly recommend this.

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  1. Hey Rita! I am very excited about your giveaway.

    I personally prefer the Nook ereader. I started out with Nook books, so I've gotten use to them. But on my Samsung tablet I do have both Nook and Kindle ebook Apps and do use the Kindle version from time to time. But I will use my NOOk version before my Kindle. :D

  2. I prefer Kindle.

    Great review Rita! This sounds like a great book that I want to read! :)

  3. Adela sounds like a character I can relate to. She sounds normal and at the same time different because of the world she lives in. Her being real and acting like a realistic teenager appeals to me.

    I prefer a Kindle copy. Thank you for the chance.


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