Thankful Thursday 1.17.13

Thankful Thursday is a meme hosted by Inspired Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

I am thankful for grapes. No seriously. Grapes are awesome.

Grapes are like nature's candy. I used to keep a bowl on the kitchen counter, and as I went about my day, I'd grab a few everytime I passed through the kitchen. Yummy.

But I have this problem with food where I easily become allergic to any foods that I eat too frequently. I've been forced to give up:  wheat, corn, eggs, milk (and then later, goat's milk too), soy, yeast, coconut, pineapple, GRAPES, and most recently Hemp milk. Or anything made with one of those ingredients. I have been sorely missing ice cream lately. And tacos.

A couple months ago, I was visiting my in-laws and putting grapes on the kids' plates at lunchtime, and I grabbed a handful for myself. Imagine my joy when I had NO scratchy throat or burning in my mouth!!!

Out of all the foods I've given up, I've only gotten ONE back:  grapes.  It took two years of not eating any for me to recover from that one allergy, and now I'm soooo very careful not to overeat them again. We only buy them once every couple months, and I only have them once during the couple days before they are gone.

And it gives me hope that someday, I can have ice cream and tacos and not get dizzy or swell up like a balloon or get a sore throat or have a hard time breathing.

Sometimes it's the little things, like grapes, that make you appreciate life.

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  1. You remind me here, Rita, what most of us take for granted. Food and drink are one of life's great pleasures - I'd put it just above writing. Hope your long term strategy works.


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