Book Review: Meant To Be

Meant to Be
by Lauren Morrill

I’m usually not one for a contemporary romance, YA or otherwise. I did enjoy a few Sophie Kinsella books, and now and then, I like an easy read with a little mindless fun. But normally, I like magic and the suspenseful thrill rides you can get in many of the Urban Fantasy books out there.

So why I picked this one up, I don’t know. All the same, I’m glad I did, and I predict a few more contemporary books in my future.

Favorite Quote:

Or maybe Jason's right: there are perfect people, many of them, and it's up to you to grab one when you find each other in the random chaos of life and love.

Julia is adorable. A bit OCD, but still adorable. And I liked watch her let go of her good-goody demeanor as she learns how to have fun and break rules.

Jason is loads of fun, and once you get him away from the crowd, he becomes so real. We get to find his tender and thoughtful side, beyond the class-clown demeanor.

They are opposites and yet so much alike! Loads of fun to watch these two unlikely people come together.

Highly, HIGHLY recommend!

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  1. Glad to hear you liked this. I'm also not generally fond of contemporary romance-focused YA, though when it's done well, it's quite refreshing.


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