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Watching Numb3rs (season 3, off of Netflix) with my husband TJ last Friday night, and Larry compares Megan to the complexities of the Nebula 57. I look over at TJ…

ME: Why don't you compare me to the Nebula 57?

TJ: Because I don't know what the Nebula 57 is. Should I compare thee to a summer day?

ME: Muggy? Overheated? Sneezy from all the allergies?

TJ: How about pie?

ME: Oh great, now I’m cheesy on the outside? [reference to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog] I'm just saying you've never compare me to anything.

TJ: I've compared you to an Ent Wife.

ME: Oh, that's flattering. You said my fastest pace is a mosey, and I grow roots.

TJ: *just grins*

We've been together 13+ years, plus 6 years of friendship before that. We haven't changed much in all that time. Still best friends.

He still threatens me with ice cubes when I get too snarky, and I threaten him with sleeping on the couch.


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