My Hobbies

I don't have a lot of time after all my responsibilities: Day Job, Writing, Marketing, Homeschooling, Life...

And somehow I still find time for hobbies (it's called LACK OF SLEEP):

#1. Reading!!!

Just finished Death's Rival this weekend. Great book, and now I can't wait to read the next one. *kicks TJ in the shin*

He looks up from his book. "Huh? What?"

I just glare.

He gives me an evil grin and goes back to his book.

#2. Dancing

I keep a busy schedule full of dance classes ... as well as Zumba and weight lifting and running on the elliptical. Just trying to stay in shape and have fun doing it.

Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet (which I'm terrible at), Lyrical, and Contemporary (my favorite).

And I've performed several dances in front of a live audience of 500+ people!

Photography by Alexander Yakovlev

#3. RPG games with TJ and friends

The kind with dice rather than on a computer.

pic found on RedBubble
 # 4. Jewelry Making

Useful because I've been making some of my own swag, like this bookmark.

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