Whimsy 6.19.13

Welcome to Whimsical Writer's Wonderful WIP Wednesday!


series:  Paranormal Investigation, #1.5
word count: 18K
percentage: 90% complete
goal this week: 2K
Good news! I ordered the book cover from my favorite artist: Regina Wamba. She's done all my book covers, and I've never been disappointed.  Anyway, cover will be ready in August.  


SITTING UP ON the top shelf, the black cat licks her paws. “You want to give someone pimples or a bad hair day? Nobody is creative any more. Nobody wants to turn someone into a frog or a tasty mouse.”

“I wouldn’t do anything like that to anybody.” And Hearing voices wasn’t enough; now I’m arguing with cats. All the symptoms of a paranoid schizo. Next, I’ll have delusions of super powers and believe helicopters are spying in my windows.

Closing my eyes, I will the illusion to go away, but when I open them again, she’s still there.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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