Rant: Homosexual vs Heterosexual Marriage

David, an old friend of mine, once presented this solution to the marriage issue to me, and I have to agree with him whole heartedly. So I want you to think about this question very carefully: 

Why does the government have ANY say over marriage of ANY kind?

To get married, to pledge your life to another, to vow to be in unity with someone for the rest of your life, is an intensely spiritual moment. It's between me and the one I love and God, and the only person who I should get permission from is the priest who

But we have to get PERMISSION from our government before we can perform this spiritual, religious rite. We have to apply for a LICENSE, requesting the government's permission, proving that we meet the government's standards before we are allowed to bind our souls to another person.

What happened to separation of church and state?

I can't think of any culture where a wedding isn't a religious or spiritual rite. Whatever culture and religion we come from, it is to our spiritual leaders and houses of worship we go to say our vows and rituals performed.

Government should have no say in this.

If two people want to unite their lives, the only permission they should get is from God and the priest that they request to reside over the marriage.

When it comes to marriage, government should instead be in the business of creating Financial Civil Unions between people. This Civil Union should be available for anybody, regardless of sexual orientation.

Imagine this scenario:

Two young HETEROSEXUAL men decide to live together during college. They buy an old house that they're are going to fix up. They each even have their own girlfriends, who live with them or don't. Doesn't matter. Maybe they rent some of the rooms out to other college students.

They decide to pull their resources into one bank account to cover their housing expenses. Banking, taxes, and insurance, it just makes more sense to work together since they both own the house.

After college they sell the house for a profit and both go their separate ways, dissolving their union.

OR maybe they buy another fixer upper, marry their girlfriends, and live as one big happy family, sharing expenses and raising their children together. A whole new way of looking at our communities.

In the end, what business does our government have in meddling with our bedroom affairs?

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