Concerning Iron Man 3 in 3D and Lazy Strolls through Bookstores

The kids had a sleepover with their best friend, and thus TJ and I had our first date night in over a year. Dinner at Amar India, and then a nice slow browse through the bookstore.

Bookstores are luxuries I once took for granted. When you have three kids in tow, there is no such thing as browsing. You can't stop to flip through a book when your youngest is dancing ten paces ahead, and your middle child is lagging behind, and your oldest has wandered off to browse books by herself.

So we took a nice leisurely stroll through Barnes and Noble, exploring the fantasy section to find new authors we haven't had a chance to read yet. When we got home, we ordered some books from the library:  Benedict Jacka and M.J. Scott.

Image credit goes to HD Wallpapers

After the bookstore, we went to the cheap theater to watch Iron Man 3. Usually by the time a movie series gets to its 3rd movie, it loses all its goodness. Character development is cheesy. Plots are weak. Writing sucks. And the special affects are the only good thing you can say about it.

But I actually enjoyed it. I liked that Tony Stark was struggling with PTSD, afraid that next time he won't be there to save Pepper if the world would get into danger again. I liked how this took the character into a period of darkness as he struggled to both cope and plan for any future eventuality.

Then we went home, ate ice cream, and the rest of the evening is none of your business. hehehehe.

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