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series: Paranormal Investigation, #1.5
status: No longer almost done. Maybe 50% at 24K words *sigh*

As TJ and I approach the ending of BREAKING ANGELINA, we are analyzing the story for holes and areas where the plot / characters / world can be flushed out. The result is that we are adding two more plot threads. Our novella will likely be a full length novel at 50K words.

“What do you want tracked down?”

“A siren. I want to kidnap a siren.”

He snorts. “A sweet, little vanilla mortal like you, kidnapping a siren? Just asking for trouble, aren’t you, angel?”

I lift my chin.

“There are only three sirens in this world. Something that rare is going to cost you extra, say ten grand.” The way his eyes flash golden makes me take another step back, a chill runs through me. I feel like a mouse staring into the eyes of a cat.

I swallow back the lump of fear in my throat and raise my chin again. “Ten-thousand dollars? How am I supposed to come up with that kind of money?”

“Not my problem, princess. If you figure it out, you know where to find me.” He steps in close, backing me into the wall. His muzzle turns to my throat. Is he going to rip it out?

I can feel his breath on my skin. My bladder suddenly feels very full. He sniffs at my neck like a dog. A great big, scary dog.

“And now I know how to find you. Take care, sweet thing.”

He turns back to the bar and I run. His laughter follows me into the night.


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