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Whimsical Writer's Wonderful WIP Wednesday!


series: Paranormal Investigation, #1.5
status: ALMOST DONE!

Of course, that was the status I gave last week. We really are almost done, but we keep coming up with a few extra scenes to flush things out.

And in the meantime, we've started putting more effort into TAKING CHANCES, which we actually hope to put out before BREAKING ANGELINA.


I snag a pastry from her plate. “Angel, you called me, remember.”

“Can you really get me—” She glances around and lowers her voice. “—you know, what I want?”

“If you’ve got the money.”

I catch the reptilian scent again, stronger now, laced with magic. Familiar, but the stink of magic makes it hard to place.

Biting her lip, she leans close to me. “I only have about seven thousand.” She scoots a gym bag towards me and then wraps her arms around her stomach.

“I don’t work for so little. We’re done.”

She wipes an eye and looks away from me, sniffing. “You said you’d take an…alternate method of payment.”

“Cold, hard cash, angel.”

“Wait, I’ll pay you in other ways.” She grips my sleeve, panic written across her face.

My heart wrenches, and I pause, kicking myself for being so soft even as I do so. “And how do you expect to do that?”

Cheeks flushing prettily, she motions me closer to whisper in my ear. “Today, all day, I’ll do whatever you want. In your bed,” her voice is silky soft, her breath hot against my skin.

My face burns. I’m not into one-night stands. The wolf part of me is too strong to think it’s a good idea. It can only end badly.

But lately, everything I do ends badly.

It’s been so long, so very long.


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