Homeschooling Stress

stress. Stress. STESS. The pull your hair out, bite your fingernails, squeeze the stuffings out of a rubber ball, hope-we-don't-get-arrested-for-truancy kind of stress.

At the end of each school year, we have to get our school work assessed by a teacher. Every summer I go through this: Did we do enough? Do we have enough documentation? Are the kids learning enough? Did I cover everything I was supposed to?

But this year is worse. We have to get a new teacher to do the assessment as our friend who helped us in the past is too busy this year. New teacher, new ideas, new personality. Will she be critical or helpful? Will she frown at our efforts and tell us we failed?

Anyway, I’m really PROUD of this year. The kids have grown by leaps and bounds. Spider Girl #1 is an intuitive learner, picks up everything so easily that she flies through her work, but we've been working on her attention-to-detail skills. Spider Girl #2 has gained in confidence and has some new study habits that have helped her grow. She got 100% on her last spelling test. Spider Girl #3 is finally READING!

Plus, I finally found the organizational structure to get us through the school year. See, I’m the LIST ORGANIZING NUTSO!!! I make daily schedules and plans…

MONDAY: History, Math, Reading
TUESDAY: Science, Math Spelling
WEDNESDAY: Blah, blah, blah
THURSDAY: Whatever, whatever, whatever
FRIDAY: Blah, whatever, party

…and after 1 week, TJ & Kids abandon my careful plans. Since I’m still the working mom & TJ manages the day-to-day homeschooling tasks, I can’t be there to keep them on schedule.

Half way through the year, I gave up on my schedules. I just made a master list of each girls required work for the week and they check it off as they get it done. THEY can decide if they want to do History on Monday or wait until Friday.

Problem is, it took me half a year to figure out this checkbox system, and so our first half of the year was not as productive. Although it is summer, we’re still catching up on Science reading, worksheets, & experiments. Plus the kids still practice their instruments and play math games to keep their skills sharp.

So here’s hoping we don't get arrested for truancy!

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