Our Halloween Fun

The best part about homeschooling is the time we get for extra-curricular activities. My kids aren’t just learning math, science, history, and language arts. They also get sewing, knitting, drawing, music, acting, and dance classes through the YMCA, church, That Music Place, and our local dance studio MVDA.

I feel so blessed to have the chance for all this fun stuff with my kids. Even more, I’m blessed for the two grandmothers in my girls’ lives. This summer, my mom came to visit for a week, and while she was here, she taught all three of them how to use the sewing machine, how to follow a pattern, and how to make clothes.

But one project my mom didn’t get the chance to make with Mak (age 11) before she left to go home to Wisconsin: the sheep costume for Halloween.

So Mak took the material to her OTHER grandmother, and she learned how to make her own patterns. Using pajamas as an outline, she made a zebra outfit for little Ro (age 9) and a sheep costume for littlest Kay (age 7). Though TJ and I helped her a little bit here and there, she did this pretty much by herself.

Mak ran out of time to make her own costume, so she went as an Elf Archer, Princess of the Animals.

Over all, Halloween was loads of fun!

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  1. Home schooling is a tough call. Mind you, depending where you live, the alternative is worse. Good luck


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