Belated Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day Celebration

Argh. Land ho, matey.

How many days ago was Talk Like A Pirate Day? Last Saturday? Sunday? And today is Friday. Yes, I'm a bit behind the times. The days have blended together this month like potato peel in the garbage disposal, and the end result is that this topic has come a bit later than I intended.

OK, I confess I slept through all of last weekend. That happens at times when I am exposed to a substance called gluten. Acting like a drug, it puts me to sleep. Like a drunk pirate in a brothel after months out on the high seas. Enough gluten, and it could knock me out for close to 24 hours. When I finally wake up, I'm a zombie.

Anyway, in belated celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day, here's an article I came across a long time ago about the piracy of Intellectual Property.

Knowing copyright law is an important part of being an author.

Hope these sites are helpful.

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