Writing Software

What software tools do you use? I've settled on Microsoft Word--it gives me the most powerful formatting tools for shorter works. But for longer works, I have used a tool called Write It Now, an organizational software for storing information about plot, characters, scenes, and notes for putting together a novel.

I liked Write It Now for many reasons, one being that I am not a very organized writer and this helped me keep track of certain information. I wished it was a little more customizable, and I wished that the writing tool for organizing the chapters worked more like Word. But other than that, I loved it.

Recently--okay, it was today--a friend sent me a link to Scrivener, which looks very similar to Write It Now. It has a lot of great reviews from published authors and looks to be very versatile.

What do you use? And what do you like least or most about it?


  1. So no one uses Scrivener that you know of? I've been having some trouble keeping things organized and am thinking about a program like one of these. If you've any more thoughts on them, let me know.

  2. Scrivener is only for the Mac OSX and is not available for Windows. So if you do not own a Mac, go with Write It Now.

    Write It Now has a feature that allows you to export your manuscript into a text doc which you can then open in Word if you want to format.


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