Book Review: The Prisoner by Carlos J Cortes

In the year 2049, I'll be 75 years old. What will the world be like? What technology will be invented between now and then? What wars will be fought? What politicians will ruin our nation?

Spanish writer Carlos J. Cortes tackles these questions in his book The Prisoner, a sci-fi thriller about escaped convicts Laurel and Raul who race through the sewers of Washington, D.C., trying to flee the city before the DHS catches up with them. With them, they carry the secrets that one woman would kill for.

No one has ever escaped the cryogenic chambers--the sugar cube--that have replaced the expensive prison system. The execution of their escape plan is far from flawless, and now Nikola hunts them. Only by trusting strangers and depending on their wits do Laurel and Raul reach safety.

Author Cortes paints a picture that the reader feels like they are there. I could smell the rot, feel the slime on my skin, see the "shit-cicles" jiggling on the ceiling, hoping they wouldn't fall on me, and I squirmed at the sight of the rats and the roaches and the hairballs floating in the water. And I could feel Nikola's hands reaching for me as I narrowly escaped his grasp.

Warning: Do not read this book if you are are pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, currently eating a meal, or have just finished a large meal.

Cortes is one author that I look forward to following in the future. His storytelling is smooth; his plots are well developed, and his characters deep. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sci-fi or an action-packed novel.

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  1. Nice review, madam. I think a lot people will be grateful about the food warning. Because, you know, yuck.


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